Who am I?

A professional software developer
...... anddd photographer, graphic designer & dog-lover at heart

Passionate software Engineer 24/7

Currently finishing my last year in Computer Engineering at Lassonde School of Engineering, York University, I have been always passionate about programming. As a part of my school's Co-op program, I have been working for a start-up named Xignite in San Mateo, California since June 2017. Just like the motto of Xignite -- "one team, one success", I believe in team-work and love taking initiatives.

Initially, I was working on an independent project "Xignite API TestRunner" where I developed a more English-like testing module for non-technical individuals within the team. It uses a unique in-house syntax called .xat which I improved and maintained throughout the project. Being recognized for my efficiency and hard-work, I eventually took over the responsibility as a project manager for data source migration project within the company! Right now, I am working as a part of the company's Web team -- the team where my passion lies -- but I am excited for other different opportunities as well! Working for a start-up, I have learned how to become more flexible both in my workflow and thought process. If you are interested in collaborating with me, please feel free to send me a message.

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I work at Xignite
As a Web Engineer

Started as a Software Engineering Intern, I am now working as a web developer for the company.

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I co-founded Lassonde Media Group
and designed its signature logo

Here's my leadership story how I started one of the most influential groups at my university.

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I enjoy working on my side projects
including AMD's sensor calibration system

As a passionate engineer, I love working on a variety of projects. Check the list here:

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About me

Here's the summary of my educational background and professional experiences.

  • Education

    My last year at York University in Toronto, Canada studying Bachelor of Engineering (Expected 2019) - specialized in Computer Engineering

  • Software Engineer

    Exprieced in both small and big work environments, I am a Java/C# software developer.

  • Languages & Tools

    I'm familiar with the following languages: Java, C#, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, C, PHP, SQL

  • Graphic Design

    Proficient in Adobe tools such as
    Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, Premier Pro and more

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