Graphic Design

How I used a tad bit of my creativity.

Lassonde Media Group

Adobe Photoshop | Adobe Illustrator | Graphic Design | PHP | CSS

From the very moment I decided to start a media group at my university with a group of my friends, I knew the group needed some branding strategies. Especially its logo. The website could wait. So could banners and posters. But from the very first application, the administration asked for the 'logo' image.

With that being said, it is universally known that the logo of a company must capture its identity and culture. It should provide a clear idea where the company belongs and identifies with.

Fortunately, Lassonde Media Group (LMG) belongs to the engineering department of my school, Lassonde Engineering School and it already had a school mascot, zebra.

Capstone Project

Adobe Photoshop | Adobe Illustrator | Graphic Design

A 'capstone project' is designed and implemented by 4-6 seniors at York University. With that being said, this is a perfect example how graphic design made the project more easily understandable.

A capstone project typically lasts for a year and requires each and every member's efforts. Consequently, the team summary is one of the most critical sections of the project summary. For this particular summary, I created my team members as 8-bit game characters, who have their own unique character stats (just like any RPG games).